Middle School Program

Middle School Group


This spring (2024), our middle school group will have 2 distinct sessions available (runners can participate in one or both sessions).


Dates: April 25th to May 30th 2024

Cost per 6-8 week session: $25 (No more ANB fees)

Swag: Varies per session

Maximum Cap: 30-40


Recreation Run


Our Thursday run focuses on having fun in the trails of Odell. Some game based workouts will be introduced, but mainly it is about enjoying trail running and nature. All levels welcome!


Typical Session:


Warm-up Tag Game 

Active Stretches and Drills

Fun on Trails 

Strength/Flexibility/Stability Activities 



Time: Sessions will run Thursdays from 6:00pm-6:45pm

Location: Bottom of Odell Park



Intro to Speed


Once again this year we will be offering a speed session on Sundays at Wilmot Park (tentatively set for 3pm). This session will introduce more structured workouts specifically designed to improve speed and speed endurance. Perfect for those looking to build speed for track and field or get ready for the summer soccer season. 


A typical 45-60 minute session will usually look like:


Active Warm-up

Active Drills


Active cool down


Time: 3pm (tentative time)

Location: Wilmot Park but this location could change so keep an eye on your emails.