Our Coaches

New Maryland/Botanical Garden Leads

Ryan O'Shea

Ryan has been with the program since the beginning as a co-founder. He is passionate about running and motivating people to run. An avid trail runner (converted from marathons), Ryan is excited to see so many youth and familes running. 

Matthew MacFarlane

Matt has been involved with Speeding Cheetahs since moving to the Fredericton area in 2021. Trail running lets Matt combine his love of nature and movement. Matt wants to help create a passion for movement and exploration in the next generation. 

Middle School Lead

Nathaniel Couture

Co-founder and middle school head coach, Nathaniel is an avid endurance athlete with more than ten 100 mile races to his name. Nathaniel is passionate about getting youth active and outdoors.

Odell Park Leads

Jensen Thomas

Jensen has been an avid runner and triathlete for over 20 years. She loves seeing her kids and their friends find the same passion in sport.

Cliff Worden-Rogers

Began as a cyclist and used running to keep in shape through the winter months. Because 2 sports wasn't hard enough, I decided to learn how to swim (at the old age of 22). Now, I use my endurance training to chase my 3 girls and dogs!

Sean Bartlett 

Enjoys being active outdoors year-round. Running is a large part of this for Sean on both trails and the road. He is keen to share this with his kids and others as a coach with the Speeding Cheetahs!

Killarney Leads

Gary Moore

Gary spends his free time running trails and preparing for the next adventure. He can’t wait to kick off Cheetahs at Killarney with his five-year-old twins.

Marie Battaglia Norton

Marie is a past track & field and crossfit athlete and lover of sprinting. She has been a pediatric chiropractor for the last 10 years and helps babies and kids of all ages with their physical development and health. She’s super excited to be running at Killarney with her two daughters.