This spring, we are introducing a coaches-in-training program for Middle School Aged runners. These runners will volunteer with our youth recreational program and work with the coaches to set-up and be leaders with their selected group. This is a great opportunity for older siblings who want to join in and take on a leadership role. 

A typical 45 minute session usually looks like:

Warm-up Tag Game (CITs will help to set-up the activities and help lead the warm-up)

Big Circle Warm-up (CITs will help their group)

Running Skill Focus (CITs will help set up, demonstrate the activity, and help runners in their group )

Trail Run (CITs will run with their group encouraging their group and keeping it fun)

Big Circle Cooldown (CITs will help with clean-up and help lead the cool-down)

Cost per 6-8 week session: Free

Time: Sessions will run Tuesdays from 6:00pm-6:45pm

Location: Odell Park (Botanical Gardens)

Maximum Spaces: 10