About Us

Who We Are

This running group is designed for kids of all ages to tap into their love of running. Mixing trail running in the spring and fall, and a run jump throw program in the winter, the focus is to promote physical literacy skills in a fun environment. Kids will learn how to generate power in starts, proper running technique, managing pace, accelerate, work as a team, and develop a love for trail running among other physical literacy skills.

It is 100% non-profit with all money being donated back into the club, and all coaches are volunteers.

Our History

Our club started in 2017 with the intent on filling a gap in the running community for youth. We began with 17 youth from our friends and community, and we have grown every year since. Our current capacity is 100 runners, and we are hoping to increase that capacity in the spring of 2022.

our values

Our program values running as a sport for everyone. In our programs, we rely on volunteers (usually family members) to help lead our groups. We see running as a family event, and our sessions feel very much like a community event each session. We also believe that running should be affordable and fun, and we keep our price point at $20 for each 6-8 week session.