Our Programs


Spring Programs

Youth Recreational Program

Our core program, this group is for all ages with a focus on elementary aged runners and younger. Click here for more information

Middle School Program

This program focuses on middle school aged runners and introduces them to workouts designed to develop speed and endurance while still having fun on the trails. Click here for more information.


This program is designed for Middle Schoolers who want to develop their leadership and coaching  skills. Click here for more information. 


Fall Programs

Our Fall Program runs for 8 weeks beginning the first week of September. We meet at the New Maryland Elementary Soccer field or Odell Park each Tuesday or Thursday from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Runners are divided into groups of 10 by age with at least 2 volunteers leading each group. We mix trail running and on field training to develop skills in starts, agility, generating power, appreciation of nature, trail etiquette, and physical literacy skills.  $20 for the 8 week session.